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[Helping you achieve full potential through clearer understanding]Waywood Enterprises Ltd is about making the complex easy, thereby clarifying understanding & purpose, enhancing your ability to succeed.

At our core is the desire to build & increase self-confidence & self-esteem in those with whom we interact.

We are passionate about helping you to run each day's race & reach the finishing post as winners.


"Stuart is a great guy with an amazing ability to simplify the most technical of subjects – a joy to work with!"

SM:  DeMontfort University, Leics.


The broad range of services afforded by Waywood Enterprises Limited are provided under the following brands:


[Introduction & Basics: Clinical Trials & Nervous Transmission - Businesses, Schools & Colleges]

[Introduction & Basics: Clinical Trials & Nervous Transmission - Businesses, Schools & Colleges]  TRAINING & EDUCATION FOR BUSINESSES, SCHOOLS & COLLEGES

Waywood Training provides high quality training & workshops for business & education run in a professional relaxed atmosphere, as follows:


[Introduction & Basics of Clinical Trials for Businesses]  TRAINING FOR BUSINESSES

[Stand Out From the Crowd - Introduction & Basics of Clinical Trials for Businesses]Clinical trials for Non-Experts & Non-Scientists: Specifically created for people who know little or nothing about clinical trials but want to learn more. If you are new to the pharmaceutical or medical device industries, a non-scientist, in the pharmaceutical or medical device supply chain etc, this is for you. All training is dovetailed to client needs.

Learn more about clinical trials training for non-experts and non-scientists


"Before we held the 'Clinical Trials for non-scientists' workshop, I wondered how long it would take before the delegates got lost in the maze of complex science. To my delight, we got to the end of the day having actually understood the mysteries of clinical trials!

Stuart has a logical, systematic approach to his workshops and has the ability to break down the subject into understandable bits - thus making the complex easy."

Costa Philippou, Business Development Manager, Medilink East Midlands


[Introduction & Basics: Clinical Trials & Nervous Transmission for Schools & Colleges]  TRAINING FOR SCHOOLS & COLLEGES

[Stand Out From the Crowd - Introduction & Basics of Clinical Trials for Schools & Colleges]Clinical trials training for schools & colleges: Supporting the National Curriculum, students learn about the Why? When? What? How? & Where? of clinical trials.

Our Introduction to the Basics of Clinical Trials for Schools & Colleges sets clinical trials within the context of developing new drugs or medical devices. Students also understand the need for and importance of good design in obtaining accurate & meaningful results.


Introduction to the basics of pain & neurotransmission for schools & colleges]Introduction to the Basics of Pain & Nervous Transmission This easy-to-understand, practical, highly interactive training for students in Year 9 & above, consolidates science learning on nervous transmission, putting together the pieces so that students understand the bigger picture of how everything fits together. Using pain as a model, students understand how nerves work & communicate, the importance of reflex arcs & the different ways in which pain-relief drugs work & why drugs are sometimes ineffective. Learn more.


"Your talk was brilliant for our Year 10 biology students. Lots of information from your personal experience that we could never deliver, in a way everyone could understand. Thank you and we would like you to come back and speak to our 6th form students."

Biology Department, Derby High School for Girls


[Drumming, Percussion & Reptile Handling Workshops: Schools Business Churches Community]

Waywood Creative provides workshops that stimulate the mind and the senses, building confidence and self-esteem in education and in business.


[Drumming, Percussion & Reptile Handling Workshops: Schools Business Churches Community]  WORKSHOPS & EVENTS FOR SCHOOLS, COLLEGES & BUSINESSES

[Reptile & Minibeast handling Workshops & Events - Schools, Colleges, Businesses & Community]Reptile & Minibeast Workshops & Events: Meet The Beasts is about contact & hands-on experience. Meet, feel & handle reptiles and other minibeasts. No glass in the way! Excellent for science; great for a treat; brilliant for building confidence. Something different before & after dinner at special events. Great for Schools; Great for Business! A truly memorable experience. Discover more about 'Meet The Beasts'


[Drumming & Percussion Workshops in Schools, Colleges & Businesses]Creative Drumming & Percussion Workshops: Our drumming & percussion workshops improve team work & help develop effective listening & interactive skills. They are excellent for building self-confidence & provide valuable release for stress & tension. Spice-up your ice-breakers for business meetings.

Workshops are tailored to clients needs & run by friendly, experienced, CRB-checked facilitators in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. All facilitators are fully insured.

Discover how our drumming workshops can help your school or business.


'Stuart's manner with the children is fabulous ... I highly recommend Stuart for whatever work you might be doing ... let him spice up your lesson!'

SW:  Creativity Co-Ordinator, Primary School, Leics.


[Free Impartial Advice On All Aspects of Drumming & Percussion: Also Cajon, Djembe & Chinese Gong Sales]

[Drums, Percussion & Free Impartial Advice]  DRUMS & PERCUSSION SALES & FREE IMPARTIAL ADVICE

[Free Impartial Help & Advice on All Aspects of Drums & Percussion - plus Cajon & Chinese Gong Sales]Our large web site holds over 80 pages of free help & impartial advice on all aspects of drums, percussion & drumming (from choosing & buying new & used equipment to tuning drums & percussion to maintaining & repairing all equipment to finding manufacturers & suppliers). We supply a wide range of World Percussion instruments & drums, including Kambala and Bucara djembes, J. Leiva cajons & the new Dream cymbals & gongs, to individuals & schools. Our 5-Star rated service does not carry a 5-Star price (we're probably the cheapest supplier of these instruments in the UK).

Visit the Waywood Music web site.


'I would recommend Waywood [Music] to anyone wishing to purchase percussion instruments. Given the natural variability of handmade instruments, it is worth a lot to be able to trust the person you are buying from to pick out a good one for you, and on top of that to be priced so competitively is the icing on the cake.'

(PC, Customer, London)


[Beautiful Hand Made Fair Trade Silver & Ethnic Jewellery fronm Latin America]

[Beautiful Hand Made Fair Trade Silver & Ethnic Jewellery fronm Latin America]  FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS FROM LATIN AMERICA

[Beautiful Hand Made Fair Trade Silver & Ethnic Jewellery fronm Latin America]As part of our commitment to others, we sell a range of fairly traded products sourced from Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador & Argentina. Our supplier was one of the first to establish fair trading principles, setting-up links with Latin America in 1978.

We supply a wide range of beautiful jewellery in silver, recycled Amazonian materials, tagua (vegetable ivory) & dichroic glass; hand-made using ancient & modern techniques. We also supply recycled tin wall hangings, hand woven hats, bags,  gloves, scarves & accessories. For details of our range of products Contact Us.


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Waywood Enterprises Limited endeavours to use recycled and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.  We also strive to ensure that any products we sell are made using sustainable or replaceable resources and those employed in making products receive a fair wage for their work.



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